Vehicle diagnostics

Barking MOT Centre performs vehicle diagnostic test for clients. For vehicle assessment and identification of problems vehicle diagnostics is very important. Before you start any journey you should know your vehicle is performing well and there is nothing wrong or unusual to avoid any breakdown on highways, which could cost you double of money and wastage of time.

An experienced mechanic is still crucial to resolving malfunctions, and there are still many mechanical problems that can occur without triggering an error log by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).


Barking MOT Centre has highly skilled mechanics which can perform diagnostic test for all makes and models. We use latest software which can identify all problems and issues, like ignition timing problems, engine problems, performance of fuel injector, engine RPM levels, air and coolant temperature and throttle opening etc.

Barking MOT Centre advice their clients for diagnostic check if they are having issues with their vehicle so we could diagnose the problem and fix it in order to bring your vehicle on road as soon as possible. Barking MOT Centre is always available for any kind of problem but our recommendation is to have your vehicle diagnostic check once in a year.

We usually advise you to have a car diagnostics check-up, if you are worried or concerned about something so that we can sort it out quickly and carry out a car auto repair if necessary in order to get you back on the road as soon as possible. However, for most cars we would recommend a vehicle diagnostic check at least once a year.